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School-Wide Positive Behavior Support

Pic of a golden ticketThe Knoch Primary School kicks off our School Wide Positive Behavior Support Program each year the first month of school. The program goal is to award positive school behavior and instill a school wide atmosphere of doing the right thing. Our 4 positive behaviors to look for are: Be Safe, Be Respectful, Be Responsible, and Be Productive. If any member of our school sees a student following any of the 4 B's they can choose to award them with a “Golden Ticket.” Once a student receives a Golden Ticket they have two chances every day to come to the good behavior treasure chest and pick a small prize. Students receive one prize for each ticket they earn. When choosing a prize they also pick a popsicle stick which has a number on it. Their name then goes on the Little Knights 200 Club board under the number they drew. Once we have a 10 in a row, those 10 students get to pick to race the principal, eat lunch on the stage with a friend, or have an ice cream treat at lunch. After announcing those 10 students, we erase the board and start all over again! We will also be celebrating the entire school's good behavior during our end of nine weeks assemblies, where students have another chance to earn a prize!

Here is a short video introduction to how SWPBS works at Knoch Primary:
To kick off the program this school year, students will also be shown the following video of their peers giving examples of how they got rewards in the past:
For more information about the 4 B's and how staff support student success in the SWPBS Program, check in the right column of this page.
School-Wide Positive Behavior doesn't just mean in the classroom - it is practiced on the playground, on the school bus, and everywhere we go.  Below are some of the expectations for students that can earn them a Golden Ticket: